cut-and-carry laser machines that go further

  laser machines that go further! different power depending on the requirement, no restriction of the workpiece, and easy to transport

that is cut-and-carry

We are a startup company that we founded this year 2018 and will go into production this year.



cut-and-carry is the world's only mobile and modular laser machine. Cut or engrave all sizes with multiple materials

Our system

The machine represents a module that includes all motors, the laser system,as well as a Windows PC. The PC has a touch screen which allows you to configure your session and start your laser cutting journey!


Once the machine is started it then pulls itself independently over the rail system.

Every application demands special requirements, as is the case with the variety of materials that can be cut or engraved with our laser cutting system.


Our idea is to provide users of the system with both mobility and modularity.


So the solution was to build two machines at the same time, each unique in their own way.

The small system (PLC15) uses a diode laser and provides it’s users with a lightweight system which allows for virtually maintenance-free operation. This system also enables the possibility of horizontal cutting and engraving and of course is competitive on price!

On the other hand, our large system (PLC100) provides it’s users with power.

With 100W, high travel speeds, and an infrared laser, there are many more applications available to this system, an example of which is the cutting and engraving of transparent materials


Camera and Remote Control

Since we have a standard Windows operating system on our machines, you can remotely control the machines via programs such as TeamViewer and also monitor the progress with a standard USB webcam!


PLC 15

PLC 100




1,5 mm



4 mm


4 mm



1 mm

8 mm



15 mm


3 mm

15 mm


2 layers

10 layers


3 mm

5 mm

rigid foam


5 mm

10 mm














(from the back)

* - examples: aluminum, stainless steel, etc...


The above is not all inclusive and simply represents the materials that we have tested ourselves, the potential of our systems is nearly limitless!

Exploring Our Potential

In March of this year we exhibited our products for the first time at the IHM (International Craft Trades Fair Munich), in order to get to know our future customers and get direct feedback.

Our stand was built using our products as much as possible, even with that we only recognized a small part of the potential of our products!

For the IHM with our systems, we created the counter at the stand to hold our products, our meeting table, all of our advertising and even the large banner across the top made of 4mm plywood with backlit acrylic glass lettering.

The Rail System

During the construction process, we made various considerations about how the system should look. Naturally, tracking systems via radio, cameras or lasers came to mind.

However, since laser cutting sometimes requires several passes in order to achieve a good result, even the slightest deviation in the laser position can’t be tolerated.

For this reason, a mechanical guide remains the most accurate and stable solution, which drove us to create our patented rail system!

As the modularity of the system is very important to us, our rail system consists of standard extrusion profiles with either a 5mm or 6mm groove.



A large part of our idea is already in our name, as emphasized above!

You can take our systems everywhere and install them where you need them.

Whether, for example, you want to engrave a company logo on the floor in a large lobby, or modify an already finished structure.

But for most of you, the benefit will be that you don't need a dedicated permanent area at least 2 x 3 meters in your workplace to use our systems, you can disassemble and reassemble with ease and as the system is needed!


And with a comparable product like our PLC 100 with the same performance and work surface, even the setup of a similar szstem will cost half as much as our entire product does!


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